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¡Adasoft os desea unas felices fiestas y un feliz próximo año! 

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Desde 1984, Adasoft ha estado a la vanguardia del software industrial. 
Nos hemos ganado la confianza de numerosos clientes, proporcionando soluciones en todas las áreas de la fábrica, utilizando las mejores plataformas y adaptándolas a sus necesidades específicas. 
Porque cada fábrica es única. 

The global MES company

Experts in Life Science​ 

Adasoft has sold and implemented more PharmaSuite projects than ALL its competitors combined.​

There must be a reason.


We are Partners

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Some of your colleagues have already reached their software sales goals. They understood that SSB and Adasoft go to different types of customers, with completely different sizes. They knew that if we don't work together on these customers, their needs won't get covered...

Or worse, they will be covered by a competitor.

Many large customers want PharmaSuite​

They are best served by Rockwell's delivery team. But there are EVEN MORE (smaller) customers that need an EBR solution. This is a huge opportunity that our competitors are attacking aggressively.

 Are we really going to let them win?

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You are in good hands

Are we really going to let them win